Tuesday, 27 October 2009


So if the Lisbon treaty does get through, it looks like we get a british president, not just any british president, but our former PM Mr Blair himself. You would think this might passify some of the euro-sceptics out there, but even a british president isn't enough for them.
I know Blair was not the most popular PM ever, but I voted for him, a few times. I was even quite upset when he left, looks like I was right to be in fairness, look at what Gordon's done.
Can he actually take the entire of Europe to war on some rubbish intelligence from a golfing cowboy? I don't think so, from what I can gather the European presidents job is just about looking nice and being a figurehead, bit like the queen, but without the inbreeding. Anyhow, surely the whiny BNP/NF british is best types should be happy that if they are forced to live in a European state, then at least it will be British led. Although they may prefer it if they have a foreigner forced on them, as then they will at least have something to moan about.
I do apologise for this post being a bit rambly and pointless and mostly making the same points I read in some column in the independent the other day, but I promised myself I would write something somewhere every day, whether it be fiction or fact. And I did fiction yesterday, so I had to make myself write this instead. Again, sorry, will try to be succint, erudite amusing and interesting next time, oh and maybe topical as well? No, too much to ask? Probably...

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